| novelties |
  • metallic fabrics of various blends and colors
  • pearled fabrics
  • frosted and crinkled fabrics

| highlights |
  • fabrics for wedding dresses
  • fabrics for formal dresses

Luraschi Weaving Mill was established by Mr. Ezio Luraschi in 1970 for the production of silk fabrics for clothing in general.

    In the 1980s, the three sons of the founder developed the production and sale of re?ned and exclusive fabrics, particularly in the following business areas: wedding dresses; elegant baby; women's ceremony.

    Luraschi Weaving Mill is a craft-like, dynamic, and flexible company, which has always distinguished itself over the years for its high technological level, its great creativity, and its impeccable quality standards. All this puts it at the forefront of the textile industry.


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